We suggest to use the quantities suggested by the iCaffelatex app or in the table here : while too much sealant is unnecessary weight, too little is utterly pointless as punctures will still occur and the small weight of sealant will serve no purpose.

When wheels are turning, centrifugal force drives standard liquid sealants against the outer circumference inside the tyre.

Your email address will not be published. Subscribe to our newsletter. I storaged a set of set of Continental Competition tubulars tires deflated with Caffelatex inside.

effetto mariposa caffelatex review

Now, both tires have a chunk of dried sealant inside, and when inflated them again, are out of balance. Is there a way to dissolve the dried Caffelatex? Hello Marcos, many thanks for your message, sorry to read about your problem. Is there a good way to check without unseating the tyre from the rim? If i have a bottle of caffelatex sitting on the shelf for a month or more should i shake the bottle to remix the contents before adding to a tyre?

This is a good questions, thanks for asking. Who is the distributor in Brazil? I own a bike shop here in Brazil and would like to work with the products. Hello Mr. I live in a hot 30 degrees c and humid environment. Will that affect the longevity of caffelatex either in my tubular tyres or the 60ml pouch?

Hello Andy, generally speaking, hot weather tends to reduce the lifespan of sealants. It certainly exceeds two years, which is considered the golden standard for sealants. Should I clean the sealant remove the remaining Caffelatex every time I check the tire and see that I must fill it with another dose?

Thanks for the interesting question!With its modular base, this quality tubeless valve easily adapts to any rim. Available in 40, 70 and mm lengths, black or silver. With an incredible variety of rim profiles in the market, in some cases a flat-base tubeless valve works better than a conic base one, and vice-versa.

With Effetto Mariposa valves, the conic adapter allows to pass from flat to conic in a breeze. We opted for an aluminum alloy that will bend before breaking, adding reliability to the lightness required by modern rims. Effetto Mariposa valves come either full black black valve, black cap or silver silver valve, red cap.

The aluminum cap functions as mechanism key. Your email address will not be published. Subscribe to our newsletter. Search Search for: Search. Presta-Schrader Adapter quantity. Espresso Strap Lungo - strap for cartridge quantity.

Tubeless conversion: the whole truth! Those who ride occasionally less than once a weekdo not cross lands infested with thorns or — simply — do not want to face the small problems and complications that tubeless involves, can continue using inner tubes and be happy like that.

Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Receive news and deals in your inbox: I've read and agree to the privacy policy. Choose an option 40 mm black x2 40 mm silver x2 70 mm black x2 70 mm silver x2 mm black x2 mm silver x2 Clear. Choose an option S Choose an option ml ml Clear.Now with plenty of time under testing I am ready to give my verdict on the Caffelatex sealant. CaffeLatex is a synthetic latex sealant.

This differs from other popular sealants that are latex in that Caffelatex does not have any ammonia in it. Ammonia has been shown to be detrimental to bare aluminum by corroding it, and thus weakening the rim structure.

It also is nicer to your tire casings because of this. CaffeLatex also foams up inside your tires when they are rotated. Other sealants pool against the outer part of the casing due to centrifugal force, but Caffelatex claims its sealant will also protect sidewalls better due to the foaming action. The foaming action is quite easy to verify and usually manifests itself by puffing out some foam if you release some air to adjust pressure mid-ride.

effetto mariposa caffelatex review

You can also see it in a clear container, if you care to check it out, by shaking some CaffeLatex up. The sealant will pool up once again after it has set dormant for a bit. CaffeLatex boasts life span of up to 12 months, but this can vary depending upon several climatological and user parameters.

They suggest checking the level of sealant in your tires every two months. It should be noted that Effetto Mariposa also sent along an Injector Kit, valve stems, along with the ml size of sealant.

I will mention the valves and injector kit as we go along. In all cases but one, I had success sealing the tires up and in the one failure I only needed to add about 50ml to get it to seal up. A non-tubeless tire, by the way.

In all cases but one I added the sealant in by means of the CaffeLatex injector which worked flawlessly. It will screw onto the valve stem and push the sealant right past the valve core if you want. This also works on tubes that you want to make thorn proof. With a bit of practice, you can add sealant to tires without spilling a drop. The one set of tires I did not use the injector on I added sealant by means of my old, cobbled injector system. Long Term Performance : I started using this sealant late in March and in every tubeless set up since then.

All set ups have required minimal pressure maintenance and still have sealant inside that is foaming up and doing its job.It seems that for every step forward in performance, our bikes take a step backward in serviceability. A time when replacing a spoke simply meant finding the right length, not the right brand, model, and year.

Even our tires now have us buying compressors, sealant, injectors, and yards upon yards of tape. Of course, that latter example has proven to be well worth the struggle. The inconveniences of tubeless tires are minor when compared to those of tubes. The innovative folks at Italian accessory brand Effetto Mariposa are working to make your time in the garage shorter, and your time on the trail sweeter.

Their Caffe Latex product line offers a few different ways to ease your tubeless setup. The unique rim strips take the place of the adhesive tape used by most tubeless brands. They can be used on tubeless-ready rims, or to convert from non-tubeless. But strips can be swapped to other wheels or removed to access a broken spoke. It was a treat to have the option to re-adjust the strip for a better seal once it was already on the rim.

Effetto Mariposa CaffeLatex: Final Review

The included valve stems resemble any other tubeless valve, but at 32mm, are a little short for most modern rims. I ran the Caffe Latex strips on a carbon tubeless-ready wheelset. Both tires seated up quickly, though one needed a second chance after leaking some air the night that they were installed.

They were problem-free until just a couple weeks after first installing the strips. I slid out in some rocks and one lucky stone broke the valve stem, and I had to run a tube for the rest of the ride. When it was time to seal up again, I removed, cleaned, and reinstalled the strip, and it remained in for the rest of the summer.

After finally pulling and inspecting them when it was time to dismantle and return the test bike, the Caffe Latex rim strips still looked good as new.

Effetto Mariposa Caffelatex Tyre Sealant review

By signing up you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Photos: JP Van Swae It seems that for every step forward in performance, our bikes take a step backward in serviceability. Thank you for signing up. Your information has been successfully processed!Just about every tyre sealant manufacturer will tell you that they use a special blend of ingredients in their sealant.

However I remain a tad skeptical when most are latex based. The synthetic polymers still act like latex, delivering small particles to the site of a puncture, where they clog the hole and eventually seal it. Once the wheel starts rotating the Caffelatex foams up and covers the whole tyre, rather than just sitting in the bottom of the tyre. So while most sealants will see liquid forced onto the outer edges of the tyre by centrifugal force, Caffelatex will be spread all over the inside.

Effetto Mariposa also use smaller — 2micron — particles in the mix. This makes it less likely to clog valves. The smaller particles also slow down the movement of the fluid, aiding faster sealing.

This faster sealing, along with the foaming action means that Caffelatex can seal sidewall cuts up to 5mm wide.

All this comes with one slight drawback though. The sealant has a limited life in the tyre. Effetto Mariposa recommend you check your sealant every two months and that even in optimal conditions it will last no longer than six months.

Effetto Mariposa's new tyre insert: the TyreInvader

This is because they have omitted harsh chemicals such as Ammonia from the mix. These can corrode latex tubes over time, so best leave them out of your expensive tubulars! So how did it perform under race conditions? I had some cuts that were bigger than 5mm, but they sealed without the slightest leak. The Caffelatex made sure I could carry on with only a slight delay. Not only did I not need to change the sealant then, but three months later the tyre is still happily spinning.

Another bonus of the fast sealing action is that you hardly notice any pressure loss, important when you are running low pressures already. The only downsides are that it is slightly more expensive, but can you put a price on lost time in a race due to punctures? Effetto Mariposa Caffelatex Tyre sealant. Effetto Mariposa. Paul Horta-Hopkins September 19, Like this: Like Loading Josh Ross February 13, Josh Ross January 28, Paul Horta-Hopkins January 26, Clothing Cyclocross Reviews.

Nopinz Warm-Up Leggings. Keeping you warm on the start line. Paul Horta-Hopkins December 23, Josh Ross November 30, Tubeless and fast, what more can you want?

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effetto mariposa caffelatex review


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